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Navarra Special

Navarra Special

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- Abárzuza

- Estella

- Metauten

- Arroniz

- Ujué

- Pamplona

Food included

- Breakfast (self service in the accommodation house with organic food)

- Lunch (restaurants, bars and bodegas)

- Dinner (restaurants, bars and bodegas)

- Berverage: Wine, beer, non alcoholic drinks.


Transfer from Pamplona city or airport of Pamplona

To do list

• Tasting of local wines in wineries

•Visit and tasting of Navarra olive oil in the trujal

•Truffle tasting and exhibition

•Visit to a cheese factory with cheese tasting from the Navarra designation of origin

•Visit to the cookie, sweet and artisan bread workshop with tasting of the menu with typical dishes in its restaurant

• Tasting a special menu in one of the Michelin star restaurants in Spain

•Enjoy tapas and pinchos in the bars of Pamplona accompanied by good wines

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Navarra Special Gastro tour

Embark on a 7-day culinary journey through the heart of Navarra's Zona Media, where gastronomic delights await at every turn. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavors as you visit renowned wineries, discover the secrets of traditional cuisine through hands-on experiences with local producers and artisans, and indulge in unforgettable meals at Michelin-starred restaurants or live cooking demonstrations. Expand your knowledge of Spanish cuisine while experiencing the charm of a traditional rural house, where authentic local culture comes alive. Join us on this extraordinary tour and let your taste buds savor the essence of Navarra's gastronomic wonders.

Olive Oil factory

Yes, in Navarra we also produce olive oil. With this experience, you will get to know one of the trujales that have developed their own and original autochthonous variety of Spanish olive oil. You will see the olive groves where they collect, you will learn about the process of making their oil and you will start tasting extra virgin olive oil.


Visit to one of the Navarrese cider houses (sidrerías) that make cider in a complete cycle: they grow the apples, produce the cider, store it in kupelas and bottle it. With this experience you will learn how to "throw" and drink a good glass of cider and savor the authentic cider house menu.


Guided visit to a winery with an explanation of the winemaking tradition and the current production process, tour of the different areas of the winery, production, aging, bottling, etc. During the visit you will be given to taste wines from the winery.

Cheese farm

Guided visit to a cheese factory and the farm with a tasting of D.O. Idiazabal, Gazta zaharra, smoked and natural cheeses and sheep chorizo.


In Navarra, eating and “socializing” go hand in hand, one of our customs is "ir de potes" or "cenar de pinchos". With this gastronomic proposal you will get to know first-hand the gastronomic experiences of the land and you will be part of a deep-rooted local tradition.

Salt farm

Visit one of the few salt mines characterized by the production of salt with spring water. These salt pans are very old, the first written document dates from 1492 although it is believed that they are from before this time. In the process, water from saline deposits is used and the sun and air carry out the evaporation of the water, depositing the salt at the bottom of the pools. During the visit you will learn to differentiate salts, their extraction process and you will do a tasting.


Discover the mysterious world of truffles, valued and sought after by people since ancient times, with a guided tour of the facilities, followed by a deluxe truffle tasting.

Traditional bakery and pastry

At Casa Urrutia they continue with the gastronomic tradition of their family to continue offering that simple, authentic and rich flavor of artisan food. You will taste a menu with typical dishes from the area and you will visit the Casa Urrutia Farm Shop, which is the meeting point for a wide variety of artisan products from the region. Unique delicacies, from environmentally friendly agriculture, which retain all their nutritional value and the most natural flavor. A place that makes available to everyone a world of experiences that go beyond the palate and that recover the meaning of a healthy and sustainable diet.

Michelin restaurants

Immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence and let Navarra's Michelin-starred restaurants take you on a journey of unparalleled taste and sophistication.


Unique experience in an 18th-century House used in its entirety for wine production, fully restored but preserving its original character. The village of Azcona is small and quiet. From the terrace you can see the valley and the mountains.The only noise you'll hear in the mornings is the birds singing.