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Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Gastro tour (3 days)

Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Gastro tour (3 days)

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- Abárzuza

- Estella

- Villamayor de Monjardín

- Los Arcos

- Viana

- Pamplona

Food included

- Breakfast (self service in the accommodation house with organic food)

- Lunch (restaurants, bars and bodegas)

- Dinner (restaurants, bars and bodegas)

- Berverage: Wine, beer, non alcoholic drinks.


Transfer from Pamplona city or airport of Pamplona

To do list

• Enjoy the experience of being a pilgrim for 3 days, get to know the Camino de Santiago first-hand, have your official accreditation to put stamps on the road and be able to request the Compostela (final accreditation as a pilgrim) when you complete the entire journey of the Camino de Santiago. //In this tour you will do one of the first stages of the way.//

•Get to know and taste the typical Navarre food during the stages: Sidrería (cider house), “pintxos”, “cazuelicas”...

•Visit the nearby wineries and taste the local wines.

•Learn about the historical heritage of this stage of the Camino de Santiago, visit its churches, monasteries and understand its historical importance.

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Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Gastro tour

Enjoy a unique culinary journey and experience the Camino de Santiago like never before with our 3-day gastronomic tour from Estella to Viana. Join us as we retrace the footsteps of pilgrims and indulge in the rich flavors of the region.

Throughout this immersive experience, you will have the opportunity to savor the authentic cuisine of the area. Taste traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients, from hearty stews to succulent grilled meats. Delight your taste buds with the flavors that have been enjoyed by pilgrims for centuries.

But this tour is not just about the food. It's a holistic experience that combines gastronomy, culture, and history. Explore the vineyards and wineries that have shaped the landscape and taste the exceptional wines produced in this region. Immerse yourself in the stories and legends of the Camino de Santiago, as our knowledgeable guides unveil the historical treasures and cultural heritage of Navarra.

As you walk the beautiful route from Estella to Viana, you will be captivated by the picturesque landscapes and charming towns that dot the Camino. Discover the architectural wonders and ancient monuments that stand as testaments to centuries of pilgrimages.

Our tour provides a truly authentic and unforgettable experience, allowing you to connect with the spirit of the Camino de Santiago while savoring the best of Navarra's gastronomy. From the moment you lace up your boots to the final taste of a delicious meal, every step of this journey is designed to create lasting memories.

Join us on this gastronomic pilgrimage and let us take care of all the details. Immerse yourself in the traditions, flavors, and history of the Camino de Santiago, and let the magic of Navarra captivate your senses. Book your spot today and embark on a journey that will nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Experience "El Camino..."

Be a pilgrim for 3 days knowing the history of the Camino de Santiago, walking the path that thousands of people from all over the world have been walking every year. Enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds this route that, for some, is a mystical penance and, for others, it represents a personal challenge and self-discovery.


Visit to one of the Navarrese cider houses (sidrerías) that make cider in a complete cycle: they grow the apples, produce the cider, store it in kupelas and bottle it. With this experience you will learn how to "throw" and drink a good glass of cider and savor the authentic cider house menu.


Guided visit to a winery with an explanation of the winemaking tradition and the current production process, tour of the different areas of the winery, production, aging, bottling, etc. During the visit you will be given to taste wines from the winery.


In Navarra, eating and “socializing” go hand in hand, one of our customs is "ir de potes" or "cenar de pinchos". With this gastronomic proposal you will get to know first-hand the gastronomic experiences of the land and you will be part of a deep-rooted local tradition.

Historical Heritage

Visit the key historical monuments in this stage of the Camino de Santiago: churches, monasteries...


Unique experience in an 18th-century House used in its entirety for wine production, fully restored but preserving its original character. The village of Azcona is small and quiet. From the terrace you can see the valley and the mountains.The only noise you'll hear in the mornings is the birds singing.