The region of Navarra stands out for its fertile land and abundant orchards. It is known for its high-quality vegetables with exceptional flavor. The typical vegetables of Navarra are a true culinary treasure and a reflection of the agricultural richness of the region.

One of the standout vegetables from Navarra is asparagus. Navarra asparagus is famous throughout the country for its exquisite taste and quality. Grown in fertile soils and harvested by hand, Navarra asparagus has a mild and delicate flavor, with a tender and juicy texture. These asparagus are used in a variety of dishes, such as omelettes, salads, and side dishes, and are a true delight for discerning palates.

Another emblematic vegetable of Navarra is the Piquillo Pepper. These peppers are small and triangular in shape, with an intense red color. They are characterized by their sweet and slightly spicy flavor, as well as their smooth and fleshy texture. Navarra Piquillo Peppers are usually roasted and peeled, and they are used in dishes such as stuffings, preserves, and sauces. They are an essential ingredient in Navarran cuisine and have gained recognition and admiration throughout Spain.

In addition, Navarra also cultivates other high-quality vegetables. Artichokes are another treasure of its orchard, known for their delicate flavor and tender texture. Other vegetable products such as peas, broad beans, and borage are also popular in the region and are used in numerous traditional dishes.

Navarran cuisine makes the most of these vegetables, creating tasty and healthy dishes. From the traditional vegetable stew known as menestra de verduras, made with a variety of fresh vegetables, to colorful salads and flavorful stir-fries, Navarra's vegetables form the foundation of a healthy and delicious cuisine.

For foodies who are particularly vegetable lovers, the culinary experiences we offer with our gastronomic tours are a must to get to know and taste Navarra's typical vegetables, which are an essential part of the regional cuisine. Discovering the variety and freshness of these vegetables is immersing oneself in an authentic and healthy culinary experience.

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