Pacharán (Patxaran) is a traditional drink originating from the region of Navarra in northern Spain. It is a naturally made liqueur that is crafted from sloe berries, also known as "arañones," which grow on wild shrubs.

The process of making Pacharán is careful and artisanal. The sloe berries are harvested at their optimal ripeness and macerated in anise for several months. During this time, the berries impart their distinctive flavor and color to the liqueur, creating a balanced blend of the sweetness of anise and the bitter, fruity touch of the sloe berries.

The result is a dark reddish-colored beverage with an intense aroma and a unique flavor. This liqueur is characterized by its smoothness and freshness, with fruity and herbal nuances that give it a distinctive character. It is traditionally served as a digestive after meals and is appreciated for its ability to accompany and enhance the flavors of Navarre's cuisine.

Over the years, Pacharán has gained recognition and prestige, becoming a symbol of tradition and quality in the region of Navarra. Its production has been passed down from generation to generation, and many local producers continue to maintain traditional methods to ensure the authenticity and excellence of this beverage.

In our gastronomic tours there will be a chance to try and know better this iconic drink that represents the essence and gastronomic richness of Navarra. Its captivating flavor and deep-rooted tradition make it a true delight for liquor enthusiasts and a testament to the culture and craftsmanship of the Navarra region.

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