The Navarra Asparagus is a gastronomic treasure recognized for its quality and exquisite taste. This asparagus, cultivated in the fertile land of the region, has obtained the prestigious Designation of Origin (D.O.) seal, which guarantees its origin and unique characteristics.

This asparagus is grown in privileged lands where climate, soil, and meticulous care by farmers come together to produce a superior quality vegetable. The geographical and climatic characteristics of Navarra, with its rich soil and temperate climate, provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality asparagus.

The asparagus season in Navarra generally begins in early April and extends until late June. This period is known as the asparagus harvest season and is when the asparagus is at its best, fresh and flavorful. During this season, Navarra farmers hand-pick the asparagus, carefully selecting those that have reached the appropriate size and quality. It is during these months that asparagus lovers can enjoy this vegetable in its full splendor in Navarra and throughout Spain.

In addition, the Navarra Asparagus with D.O. stands out for its mild and slightly sweet flavor. Its balanced and smooth flavor profile allows it to be enjoyed both on its own and in combination with other ingredients in a wide variety of dishes. Whether in a fresh salad, a smooth cream, a scrambled dish, or as a side to meats and fish, Navarra asparagus adds a touch of elegance and flavor to any recipe.

The Navarra Asparagus with D.O. is also characterized by its ivory white color and its cylindrical and uniform shape. These asparagus are carefully peeled, leaving only the tender and juicy part of the stem for consumption. Their impeccable presentation makes them a highly appreciated ingredient both in professional and home cooking.

In our gastronomic tours, you will have the opportunity to firsthand experience this product and immerse yourself in an exceptional culinary experience, savoring the result of the care and dedication of Navarra producers.

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